Wekkly Forecasts for 21st to 27th May

What have the Stars in store for YOU?

ARIES:         Mar 21 - Apr 20       

Romance is hot, heavy and exciting just now. If you have been holding back on approaching a potential partner, this week you discover your courage and get up the energy to make an unforgettable impression. If you are already in a relationship your partner may be waving the proverbial red flag at you. With all this excitement don't forget you have day-to-day responsibilities that need your attention though!

TAURUS:             Apr 21 - May 21

You have an opportunity to improve your health, fitness and well being, provided you can accept some major lifestyle changes, no good just going through the motions. It may be challenging for you to stay focused on your driving at present and travel of all kinds will prove to be challenging. Family matters will be uppermost in your mind, possibly involving an older person who is not well.

GEMINI:            May 22 - Jun 21

Work or pastimes could be proving a little tedious at the moment, perhaps you should be considering a change of direction soon. If the opportunity arises do give it some serious thought, it may be just what you're looking for. Your energy levels are high and you ruling planet Mercury runs retrograde this week so if you see what you want, go for it or it may be too late.

CANCER:            Jun 22 - Jul 23

High energy continues this week as the sun gets hotter. You'll have opportunities to learn new things, go to new places and open up your world. Even the "old fuddy-duddy" (you know who I mean!) will come around to your way of thinking. You may have to patiently push one or two of them to get them going, but it will be worth it. If you have any spare cash to invest then this is a good time to do it, just don't take any big gambles with large amounts.

LEO:            Jul 24 - Aug 23

Romantic energies are stronger in your chart at present, but you do have this tendency to speak your mind with just a little too much vigour. You may feel anxious about a secret you are asked to keep, and it may be incredibly difficult to keep a promise to keep quiet. Family health issues are again showing in your chart and this could possibly be connected to eating the forbidden fruit, sweet things probably. Leo's are usually good writers and if you're just starting out or changing a job you should consider something like journalism or script writing.

VIRGO:                           Aug 24 - Sept 23

You should feel more certain of yourself than you did a couple of weeks ago, and if you did not see some kind of big windfall or bargain last week, you are likely to receive some good financial news any day now. Partners can be difficult and this week is no exception, trying to get then to agree with your plans will be like trying to win the lottery! Frustrations this week with either workmen or someone in authority delaying things yet again.

LIBRA:                       Sep 24 - Oct 23

It will be necessary to use caution where legal matters are concerned. It is advisable to seek competent advice before signing any papers or starting new ventures. Delays and disappointments are indicated where such matters are concerned. However, new opportunities for personal gains should be taken advantage of as and when they arise. a change of plans may come as no surprise considering who is involved!

SCORPIO:         Oct 24 - Nov 22

The major planets are in a favourable aspect this week and they give you the opportunity to adjust to a difficult matter. A minor health problem recently will ease and you'll feel more like your old self in no time. You have new, wild and interesting ideas at present, you only problem is getting others to tale them on board. This is a good time for communication so get those phone calls or letters sorted. This week in particular you really must change the habit of putting yourself down and start to be more assertive for a change. 

SAGITTARIUS:         Nov 23 - Dec 21

A friend or associate could come to you with good news that you can use in your quest for a more secure place to stay. You might be considering moving, if so, look for a place where you will be happy in the long term. If not, you may be looking at renovations instead. Money will still be on the tight side but will start to increase slowly over the coming weeks. Something or someone new in your life will be giving you lots of pleasure and you start to get back into some sort of routine after the "itchy feet" episode last week.

CAPRICORN:         Dec 22 - Jan 20


If you are considering a new business partnership, consider if you might not be better off setting out on your own. You have a strongly positive aspect that supports your work, finances and career future, but there are challenges from partners and competitors. Plus in this economic climate starting out on new ventures can be a very risky business indeed without the added burden of a partner too.

AQUARIUS:           Jan 21 - Feb 19

The planets are favouring short journeys and new mutual friendships at present. You mind will be keen and alert and correspondence may bring some surprises and good results too. Social activities, love affairs, romance and contact with artistic people are all indicated for you over the nest couple of weeks. Now the Summer has definitely arrived take advantage of the Sun, Sea and Sand you so often dreamed about in the past. If certain fokl don't seem interested, then go it alone for a change!

PISCES:           Feb 20 - Mar 20

Some powerful aspects in your chart at present and these may bring new responsibilities. Don't tax yourself to any great degree, matters must be allowed to take their own course and health should be carefully watched. Any sign of illness calls for the attention of a Doctor rather that home remedies at this particular time. Your ruler Jupiter should assist you in settling some differences of opinion that may have arisen over the past week or two and I do feel it's time to say "NO" to one particular person who is taking advantage of you.