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Build a solid relationship

I often see articles and posts with the title ‘What you need from a relationship?’ but after listening to thousands of clients over many years in which the subject of relationships crops up more times than I care to mention, I think a more appropriate title would be ‘What does a relationship need from you?’.

Very early in a relationship it’s quite normal for you to be all excited with a feeling of ‘Can’t spend enough time together’ etc. But as time passes things settle down, the novelty wears off and life become a continual process of adjustment and responsibility.

It’s bit like maintaining your house, therefore, I have come up with a list of 10 things a relationship needs from you. You’ll discover if your relationship needs a few cracks papering over or complete re-decoration.

Here are my 10 Tips to secure a good relationship

1. Communicate

Always have open continuous communication with each other Without this no relationship can succeed.

2. When dealing with problems and disputes be prepared to put in 100% effort.

It’s no good walking away when things get tough that won’t solve anything; the problems and issues will still keep popping up time and time again. You have to be willing to deal with any difficulty that comes up and commit to resolving them together.

3. Keep some fun in your life and make your partner smile on a daily basis.

I’m not saying you should take a course in stand-up comedy  but be able to make light of difficult situations and help to distract them from the daily routine can certainly make a bid difference and help your partner feel relaxed and at ease.

4. Share life’s up’s and down’s as your relationship grows.

Your partner is supposed to be your best friend, whereas with your pals you can share life’s experiences and ever-growing lessons, so why not play be the same rules with your loved one? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their response and they’ll do the same in return.

5. Respect and stand up for your partner, provide emotional support and compliment them often!

You need to know you have someone right beside you at all times. In this rollercoaster of an adventure, we call life; you have to be there for your partner; to lift them when they’re low, be happy in good times and to tell them you love, respect, and care about them.

6. Provide intimacy, romance and passion.

Without these, your relationship is merely a friendship. All of these actions are the foundation of a loving and caring relationship. You need to want to be together as a couple and to show this you need to provide intimacy, romance and passion consistently and don’t wait for them to make the first move.

7. Make sure you are both singing from the same sheet, share your dreams and ambitions.

Don’t forget, it’s our dreams that keep us moving forward together in life. Now you have your chosen partner with you, please remember to share your dreams with them regularly. You’ll both have something to work towards together as a couple.

8. Be a constant source of acceptance, compassion and above all forgiveness.

There is so much truth in the saying “You only get out what you put in”, and the three things above are the most important things you  have to do as a partner. Throughout your relationship, you’ll always have challenges, upsets and even losses that seem incredibly painful. So it’s very important you are strong for your partner and share these tough times, this will be a significant factor in whether the relationship lasts or not.

9. Give your partner space to be who they are.

This can be tough, especially if you are a little insecure or if you have had previous bad relationships and experienced infidelity, however, when you love someone you have to set them free. Try to remember when you first met your partner: what was it that you loved about them, that first attraction? I suspect it was their natural confidence and how easy it was to be around them, so why take that away. Give them space to be who they are and you’ll be repaid with loyalty, respect and lots of love!

10. Always admit your mistakes and be willing to change.

We are all human and we all make mistakes from time to time, but it’ss far better to admit your mistakes than to go on pretending they never happened or being too stubborn to say you’re sorry.

So this is the time where I ask if you are doing what you need to do in your relationship. Is it in need of a slight touch-up here and there or a full blown make-over?

Good Relationship

As usual, I hope you found this interesting and if you have any comments do please leave them below or go to the CONTACT ME page.

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