Repel Negative Energy

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Repel Negative EngeryOver the years I have received many hundreds of letters from people telling me they thought either they, their family or their house had a curse on them. These things often start when we believe someone has wished bad thoughts on us and before long we start having very negative thoughts which then start to have the effect of surrounding us with what we now know as ‘NEGATIVE ENERGY’. Negative energy forces can manifest themselves in many different ways, such as, things start to go wrong, plans never coming to fruition, feelings of loneliness, feeling trapped in a situation you see no way out. It can also affect other people around you too, like they never seem to agree with anything you do or say, etc.

I did write article sometime ago about this sort of thing, you can read it HERE.

For the first time in more that 50 years I am making these Protection Pouches available again. I have reproduced the pouches my Mother and Grandmother made, using the very same Herbs, Barks & Roots they used, I have also had the beautiful lace cover specially reproduced for me by some of the very few Gypsy Lace makers still plying this ancient craft.

I recommend hanging one of these Original Petulengro’s Protection Sachets in your home to help you and your family free from this unpleasant atmosphere of ‘Negative Energy’. If you have a large house I recommend hanging one downstairs and one upstairs. These ideally should be replaced about every Six Months.

SPECIAL OFFER Two Sachets for just £15.00 including postage to any address within Europe

This is a Special Introductory Offer, Price will increase soon, Order Today to Avoid Disappointment. 

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