Petulengro's Super Sensitive Pendulum
Petulengro's Super Sensitive Pendulum
This Pendulum is designed to be super sensitive and is exclusive to Paul Petulengro, it comes with its own Velveteen Pouch for sake keeping together with full directions for use and lots of other ideas you can use this divining pendulum for.
Price: £10.00
Petulengro's Copper Bracelet
This may be of interest to you or your friends. If you suffer from Rheumatic pain, Stiffness, Inflammation of the joints, etc. Then this could be the answer you've been seeking. You may already know that wearing something Copper next to the skin is believed to be helpful to these conditions and there are thousands of people throughout the world who can testify to this. This Beautiful Hand Crafted Pure Copper Bracelet is made by Berber craftsmen high in the Mountains of North Africa and cannot be mass-produced, it is fully adjustable to fit any size wrist.
Price: £10.00

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