The Characteristics of Pisces

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PISCES: February 19th to March 20th

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac and you who are born under this sign are invariably easy to impress because you are so extremely receptive. Consequently, you often make a successful medium. Whilst you are persistent, you are rarely positive in your actions and your emotions are liable to make you too susceptible to other people’s ideas and reactions.

Depression is certainly not unknown to you, for when you are worried, no matter how trivial the worry is, you are apt to sink to a very low level. When you get depressed, you grumble very little, but remain quiet and suffer in a martyr-like fashion. When you are without cares, you are an excellent companion. Kindness is one of your strongest attributes. It is this quality which makes you such a great lover of animals.

You are likely to have financial peculiarities inasmuch as at times you are almost fanatical in your desire to save a few pennies whilst at other times you will happily spend money like water. Born under the dual sign of Pisces (the fishes) it is quite possible for you to show the two extremes of your character at the same time.

You are always ready to take on heavy responsibilities provided that you are convinced that these responsibilities will serve a useful purpose. You hate failures and because you fear anything which may give you cause to fret, you nearly always put forward a strong front.

If you were born in February, you are ambitious and like to be recognized for your good qualities. You make a really wonderful host. Owing to your extreme caution you quite often miss opportunities where your personal ambitions are concerned.

If you were born between March 1st and 10th, you have to put up with quite a number of domestic troubles usually brought about by yourself. You tend to live in a world of your own. Good fortune sometimes takes a long time to reach you.

If you were born between March 11th and 20th, you are very self-confident. You are apt to hold a good opinion of your capabilities but you are not always practical in your approach to problems. However, if something is given to you that is difficult to explain you will analyse it much more deeply than others. You are nice but restless.

You would make a very good caterer, nurse, teacher or fashion leader. Whatever you do, you like to feel that it will benefit others. You have an average constitution on the whole and by avoiding extremes and keeping to a regular pattern of life and diet, you can maintain a fairly good record of all-round health. Disorders of the blood are the one thing which may trouble you most.

‘Luck-bringers’ are as follows:

The colours best suited to you are blue, purple and mauve.

The jewel you should wear most frequently is your birth- stone, the blood-stone.

The days of importance for you in any week are Tuesdays or Saturdays.

The month (or months) most likely to be favourable to you cannot be singled out, for, in the case of Pisces subjects, good fortune appears to be distributed throughout the year, though perhaps the earlier months may prove to be the best.

Partnerships: you would do well to remember that you mate best with a Cancer subject (June 22nd to July 23rd) or with a Scorpio subject (born between October 24th and November 22nd).

Should you choose to team up with a Cancer type, then you must expect your partner to be unusually ambitious in business and possessed of a really keen sense of humour. Cancer subjects cannot be pushed for they are stubborn and have a temper. Persuade them in the right way, however, and their generosity knows no bounds.

If you choose a Scorpio subject, then you may be sure of devotion plus, at times, an irritating possessiveness. A Scorpio subject will attempt to keep you in a ‘glass case’ thinking only of your protection and the Lord help any other person who is thought by the Scorpio subject, to be trying to harm you. You should think before making any impulsive statements to your partner, for he or she has an elephant-like memory, especially when annoyed. At all times you should remember that it is quite possible to persuade a Scorpio subject to see your point of view if possibilities are discussed quietly between you, and that anger and sharp retorts will get you nowhere.



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