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Paul Petulengro

Paul was born in a horse drawn gypsy wagon on the outskirts of Leeds in Yorkshire and travelled the fairs and carnivals with his family for many years. He was taught the art of Fortune Telling by his Mother and Grandmother from the age of six. This included palm reading, crystal gazing, card reading and the unique knowledge passed down through the family over hundreds of years, something he has  treasured throughout his life. He, like most Children of travelling families never went to school so had no formal education and even today he admits he struggles with his writing, therefore none of his skills have been learnt from books, everything he knows has been taught him by  family members.

This website is dedicated to my Grandfather, the original Gypsy (Xavier) Petulengro, famous for his BBC broadcasts on Herbal Remedies in the 1930's & 40's and his horoscope columns in Newspapers & Magazines of the day.