About Me

two bowtops leeds I was born into one of the most respected Romany families: ‘The Petulengro’s’, it was in fact my Grandfather ‘Gipsy Xavier Petulengro’ who made our family a household name back in the 1930’s through his writings in newspapers and magazines of the day and his broadcasts on B.B.C. Radio. Also in 1937 the wedding of my Uncle Leon & Aunt Eileena, officiated by my Grandfather which took place on Baildon Moor near Bradford in West Yorkshire was shown on the Pathé Newsreel in every cinema throughout Great Britain.

I was born in a horse drawn gypsy wagon on the outskirts of Leeds in Yorkshire and travelled the fairs and carnivals with my family for many years. I was taught the art of Fortune Telling by my Mother and Grandmother from the age of six. This included palm reading, crystal gazing, card reading and the knowledge passed down through the family over hundreds of years, something I have treasured throughout my life. I, like most chavvies (Children) of travelling families never went to school so had no formal education and even today I struggle with my writing, therefore none of my skills have been learnt from books, everything I know has been taught me by my family members.

Paul&Crystal2015When I married, it was not to a gypsy girl but to what we call a ‘Gorgio’ (Romanus for a non-gypsy) girl and for quite a few years we travelled the world as Circus Artistes with many famous Circuses presenting a Comedy Car Act (clowning) and a Knife Throwing & Stock Whip Act until arthritis struck and we had retire from circus life and so I returned to my roots doing what I was brought up to do and still do all these years later.

I now live in a quiet mountain village in Granada, Spain with my five rescue dogs, sadly I lost my Wife Pamela on the 13th September 2017 following a long battle with Cancer.

If you would like a personal reading I can recommend my ’Romany Life-Guide’ a beautifully bound document depicting the Story of YOU and sent by secure post to any address in the world. Please click here for full details.