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Your Weekly Forecasts for the 18th to 24th February 

ARIES:         Mar 21 - Apr 20       

Taking too long to make up your mind could be costly. Opportunities may disappear or be withdrawn. Furthermore you may not feel very attractive. It may be in your best interest to be more independent, and less reliant upon others, now. It may also be useful to clearly think out what it is you want in regard to others, and to clearly express these thoughts to them - especially in business matters, but also in personal relationships. You can meet people now, but tread carefully before making any commitments.

TAURUS:             Apr 21 - May 21

Try not to over-estimate yourself, others, or what you can or cannot do, during this time band. It is possible that you could feel quite confident - in fact, over-confident. It favors socializing and meeting people, having a good time. However be careful of speaking without thinking, for you could unintentionally insult others and/or bring embarrassment to yourself. It is a time of indulgence and excess, of giving into temptation and forsaking discipline. It is therefore not the best time to make agreements or sign contracts - you may be giving away too much. This could result in loss.

GEMINI:            May 22 - Jun 21

You tend to be moody both at work and at home. There may be something unfulfilling about what you are doing. It may be a slow time, or one filled with unchallenging tasks. Perhaps it is best to take a relaxed and patient attitude about these things. They are likely to pass, and your tendency to complain or whine isn't likely to help matters out. In fact, it may turn things worse. Changes within the family or work are not advised just yet. Your emotional needs tend to be great, and perhaps you should discuss these with your mate, if you are married or in love.

CANCER:            Jun 22 - Jul 23

You may have trouble in getting your ideas - or intent - understood by others. They too may feel that you do not understand their position. Adjustments may be necessary, and you may have to act quickly (but not rashly) in order to get everything back on track. Business decisions, deals, or activities may go sour, due to misunderstandings or misinformation. Be careful of signing papers or making any agreements now, without thorough analysis and total understanding.

LEO:            Jul 24 - Aug 23

It is not to your advantage to spend time with others who are critical and hard to please; it will only put you into a further spin. Likewise, it is not wise to behave that way yourself: being too critical and hard to please may cause others to avoid contact with you. Feelings of loneliness, or aloneness, may be prevalent, and to counter-act them, you might consider forcing yourself to get out and away from your worries. Things may not be moving as quickly or smoothly as you had hoped. There is a tendency for delays, and thoughts of totally giving up may cross your mind.

VIRGO:                           Aug 24 - Sept 23

 Now is the time to stand up for yourself and if need be 'Dig your heels in' because there will be those who will try every trick in the book to get their own way. If the name 'Simon' or 'Sharon' means anything to you, try to listen and help if you can. Your energy levels may flag a little towards the weekend but nothing a good rest can't put right. If single beware of a sweet talker, be warned. Perhaps you could find time to be alone, that would be even better.

LIBRA:                       Sep 24 - Oct 23

This week could see you the centre of attraction and you'll enjoy being in the limelight even though it's short-lived. Someone with a rather quick temper may test you patience later in the week but take my advice and keep calm and try to ignore them. A not so friendly female could turn out to be a blessing in disguise when you find yourself needing some urgent assistance. Petty theft may well be on the agenda this week too. If A short break presents itself, make sure you know all about it before accepting.

SCORPIO:         Oct 24 - Nov 22

Don't be afraid to change your mind about something you're not entirely sure of, after all you are the one who could be affected more than anyone. Romance will be hovering around the 21st, try not to let your analytical mind put a damper on things. Health matters may dominate the weekend but nothing to worry about, this will be limited yet another dietary fad. Sad news regarding a dear friend could put a damper on things around the 24th/25th. Younger people will try to take advantage of a certain situation this week, however you'll see through their intentiond.

SAGITTARIUS:         Nov 23 - Dec 21

As soon as you can you should try to get some assistance with documents of some sort, as you are not being very successful yourself. Diets have probably been part of your life for some time but now I feel is the time to give it a rest, for everyone's sake. You should now be concentrating on some happy event that's looming and making someone very happy.  Good new could be about a win or a success, perhaps even both! New projects are never far from your mind and this week will be no exception, take my advice and skip this one.

CAPRICORN:         Dec 22 - Jan 20


This is certainly not a time to look back into the past, you should be looking to the future, it may be that absent friends would have enjoyed what you have but the fact is you can't change the past, just learn to accept it and move on. One thing you really ought to do is get out a little more and meet some new and interesting people and keep active. The 24th February could be quite significant to you I think. Also something from 1996 seem to be on your mind around this time.

AQUARIUS:           Jan 21 - Feb 19

Don't try to push yourself too hard this week. If you have a chance of day off, take it. Don’t feel guilty about taking a well-deserved break. Someone may be in the way of your expansion plans, and you may have to get busy to push things along without their help. It may not be a good time to make speeches or forward plans, but it is a good time to carefully plan them. Someone seeking a hand-out may turn out to be quite different to your first impressions.

PISCES:           Feb 20 - Mar 20

A friendship will bring great joy and inspiration right now. You could greatly benefit by taking a firm stand in something that has needed sorting out for a while. Your insight is sharp, and you will be downright inspirational when you speak out right now. The challenges you faced recently turned out to have been a blessing in disguise. Although you may feel a little anti-social at the moment, push yourself forward, you’ll enjoy the weekend, I promise.

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