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Weekly Forecasts for 19th to the 25th Nov.

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ARIES:         Mar 21 - Apr 20       

News arrives from some distance away, leaving you excited at the prospect of an imminent journey. But the journey itself could be subject to delays and minor complications.  Official papers and documents feature here so make sure everything is up to date and in order to avoid time-wasting and extra expense at the last minute.  End of this month finds you in beautiful surroundings, in pleasant company with the opportunity to widen your circle of acquaintances.

TAURUS:             Apr 21 - May 21

You find yourself getting closer to a warm, friendly person who turns up trumps when a tricky situation arises.  Although you may be from different age-groups and backgrounds, you have much to give one another and will find your relationship deepens in a comfortable way.  An existing friendship takes an unexpected turn and you feel rather

disappointed by this person's reactions.  This is a temporary phase and things will soon return to their old footing.

GEMINI:            May 22 - Jun 21

There appears to be dead wood which needs sweeping away where business and finance are concerned.  What was previously profitable and satisfying may no longer be delivering the goods and your keen commercial talents should now be directed to something fresh and stimulating.  There is plenty of help and advice available so why not begin now to set up that venture that has been in the back of your mind? Mercury indicates messages and paperwork to be followed through while Jupiter promises success from anything adventurous underpinned by sound logic.

CANCER:            Jun 22 - Jul 23

Your mind works twenty-four hours and although you can never switch off, you can help relaxation by winding down in the evenings and weekends, avoiding stimulants and getting more fresh air.  Breathe deeply when you are walking and seek out quiet spots of natural beauty.  The countryside is where you gain most spiritual nourishment, though you often feel drawn to more sophisticated pleasures. Prepare yourself for sleep with soft music and a little light reading.

LEO:            Jul 24 - Aug 23

Some nice aspects appear in this sector for late November or early December. You find yourself getting along famously with someone who is known to be difficult and begin to understand a complex personality.  There will be at least two enjoyable outings in pleasant company where you get the chance to discuss matters which really interest you.  A duty invitation must be issued soon - something you do not look forward to but end up benefiting from as some interesting information is put to you.

VIRGO:                           Aug 24 - Sept 23

Be prepared to spend more time than usual in your home surroundings now.  There are several visitors who may not turn up at the expected time, which could mean frustration as your careful organisation is upset.  People undertaking jobs connected with repairs or renovations are especially guilty though the week ends on a better note, with work satisfactorily done.

LIBRA:                       Sep 24 - Oct 23

A journey is shown in connection with the welfare of someone you are concerned about.  Give considerable thought to this as you are likely to find a complex situation, perhaps necessitating further visits.  Your chart favours all types of travel now, with rewards from the efforts you put in.  News from overseas cheers you up and you are relieved to know that people are coping well in new surroundings.  Plans for travel next month should ideally be arranged in the next few days.

SCORPIO:         Oct 24 - Nov 22

A social event you have been looking forward to could prove slightly disappointing.  You will find, that even very careful planning does not guarantee enjoyment.  The accent throughout the next couple of week is on casual, spontaneous contacts and the end on November should bring some pleasant surprises.  Someone is trying hard to please you but just can't get it right. Control your impatience and try to appreciate the goodwill behind ill-timed arrangements.

SAGITTARIUS:         Nov 23 - Dec 21

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of a project you are involved with.  You feel certain people are not behaving openly and, quite rightly, challenge them.  When you are put fully in the picture you find you were worrying unnecessarily and immediately understand the reasons for this secrecy. People are pleased to include you in their activities and you should make use of these excellent human aspects to broaden your interests.

CAPRICORN:         Dec 22 - Jan 20

You have been worrying about the welfare of someone you are fond of, but it seems you are being over-protective and should allow more freedom for development. You are not doing any great favour by being there to save the situation every time this person steps out of line.  You are surprised and touched by a gesture of appreciation on what you thought was going to be an ordinary week.  This brings you closer together.

AQUARIUS:           Jan 21 - Feb 19

I’m sure you have always appreciated home comforts and have a good eye for décor; I also suspect your home is welcoming and relaxing and for this reason you can have as many visitors as you wish, when you wish.  This week finds you willing and able to invite those people you have had at the back of your mind for some time and a very enjoyable gathering could take place in the next couple of weeks.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily diverse individuals get on and will be congratulated on your thoughtful organisation.

PISCES:           Feb 20 - Mar 20

Doing things quietly, in your own time, always get good results and you will need strength to shut out pressures. Assert your own needs for it is time for others to fit in with you for a change and they will do so if you make a strong point. Someone who makes you uncomfortable and worried begins to fade out of y our daily life and the removal of this stress makes you feel healthier straight away. The energy bringing planets, Jupiter and Mercury, bring a surge of vitality to most Pisces subjects until about the 3rd December.

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