Zodiac Sign Information

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Color: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Pisces, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Date range: August 24 – September 23


Strengths: Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical

Weaknesses: Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play

Virgo likes: Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness

Virgo dislikes: Rudeness, asking for help, taking center stage

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. It is a mutable sign and you, who are born under it, are intelligent, very methodical and possess highly developed powers of discrimination. You may at times be a little too critical.

You are very down-to-earth and believe in doing everything in the most matter-of-fact manner possible. You are a good businessman (or woman) and you rarely have time to think about anything except the matter immediately in hand.

You are self-possessed and very cautious and at all times you have an eye to the main chance.

Because you are so well-balanced and determined and like to work in a peaceful fashion, you are unlike any of the subjects born under the other eleven signs, because among Virgo subjects in general there are few extremists, if any.

You can be relied upon to be most discreet because you genuinely prefer, not to be in the forefront and you are apt to take on the atmosphere of others around you rather than create an atmosphere of your own.(

Where business is concerned you seem to have an almost psychic flair, and because of this you very often find yourself prone to temptation though, in nine cases out of ten, you manage to resist this.

For you there is no sentiment in business. You are commer­cially minded and you seem to have a great deal of success as a photographer’s model, buyer, seller, chemist or photographer. If you become a salesman it is fairly certain that your employer will have little to worry about for his goods will sell well and become widely known.

If you were born between August 24th and 31st you are not given to acting on impulse. You are shy, like being alone to meditate and at times are fussy.

If you were born between September 1st and 10th you are a very ‘thorough’ type. You are super-sensitive and highly critical. You reason everything out in a thoughtful and persistent manner and thus you meet with a great deal of success.

If you were born between September 11th and 23rd you are very reserved and lead a somewhat sedentary life. You may give way to temptation and be inclined to lead more unconventional lives morally even though you may be quite firm in other respects.

You have a strong constitution, but you are inclined to worry and are much affected by the people around you. Your main problem may be your tendency to put on far too much weight and this could cause you some discomfort. By watching your diet, however, this need never become a serious problem.

The day which is likely to prove the most fortunate for you is a Wednesday. You should beware of doing anything of great im­portance on a Monday

The month cannot be singled out for your good fortune and happiness is fairly evenly spread throughout the year.

Partnerships/Marriage: You always seem to be faced with a problem when it comes to choosing a partner in marriage for you are inclined to be puritanical. Nevertheless, you do best if you marry a Capricorn subject or a Taurus subject. You should never, if you wish for long-term happiness and contentment, marry a Scorpio subject.

Should you choose to team up with a Capricorn subject, then you can expect your partner to be highly ambitious, attracted very much by other people’s looks and dress, privately rather thrifty and very profound in his ideas. Whilst Capricorn subjects are very self-confident, they can at times be rather cruel in their statements because it would appear that they seldom stop to think before speaking.

If you choose a Taurus subject, then you can expect to be given a tremendous amount of strength by your marriage partner. At the same time, you will have to put up with a partner who is stubbornly dogmatic and who demonstrates this in a most determined manner. You can know that you are not at any time likely to be let down but unless you treat your partner with tact in the early hours of the day, you can be faced with a demonstration of rather fierce temperament for a short period.