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All Petulengro's Herbal Products are made to Original Family Recipes using the finest ingredients available 

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Petulengro’s Sleep Ease Herbal Bath Soak
Relax in a nice hot Herbal Bath Soak containing this unique blend of  therapeutic Herbs, Roots and Bark carefully chosen for[...]
Petulengro’s Joint Ease Herbal Bath Soak
Soak away those aches and pains of the day in a relaxing Petulengro's Herbal Bath Soak.  A unique blend of[...]
Rosehip Capsules
Petulengro's Rosehip capsules are a great source of Vitamin 'C' in fact Rosehips contain 50% more vitamin 'C' than Oranges.[...]
Petulengro’s Formula No.7 (Joint Compound)
Joint Compound For the first time in almost 30 years Petulengro's Formula No.7 is available again. You can read an article I[...]
Repel Negative Energy
Over the years I have received many hundreds of letters from people telling me they thought either they, their family[...]